Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Palunku: The feel that never ends

I had seen this movie on 23rd December 2006. I was pretty sure that Blessy will not let down my expectation. He made a critical remark in my mind with his previous two movies. This time his subject was much impressive than the previous two. Palunku(The Crystal) is actually a one line story. But it has a very valuable message in it.

Palunku tells the story of an ambitious farmer Monichan and his family, which consists of his wife Susamma, and his daughters Geethu and Neethu.
At a point in his life, he is forced to take his daughters to a school in the town. In the course of his routine, Monichan gets close to Soman Pillai, a lottery agent in the town, who knows all short-cuts to earn money. Soman Pillai becomes Monichan's advisor. A minor accident makes Monichan shift over to the town along with his family.

There he got entrapped in the cunningness of the city life. Now the only thing in mind is to get money and raise the standard of life. He is no more a good human as he was when he was in the village.
Even his wife has changed. She spends her time watching TV and dreaming about modern household amenities. They sometimes even forgot about their children. But fate has something else for them.

It shows the kind of difference in behaviour of people in village and town in different situations. Blessy was telling about the value of relationship and about the negative side of liberalisation, with out too much of melodrama. Performances from all are very good. Music by Mohan Sitara is also fitting in nicely. There is some problem in the screenplay towards the end(only some flow issues). Otherwise it would have been one of the best movies ever made in Malayalam. This movie will stay in your mind, will haunt you for long. Yes, life is like crystal so take care.

My Rating: 8.5/10 (Must see for all malayalees)


Saju C R said...

Hi friends

The film really deserves a good rating and it makes you think about life and your actions.

It pricks and hurts you and haunts you even after the movie. even now I feel it.......

Anonymous said...

ithuvareyum njan kandittilla ee movie...endhayalum oru brief descriptionnu nandhi..pinne a must watch for all malayalees ennu paranjathu kondu kaaananam ennu oru moham!!! thankss